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​4 Reasons to Shop Local

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Pets Plus is a locally-owned and operated independent pet store that values its customers, and the well-being of their beloved pets. It's part of our mission to source the best food and products possible for our patrons needs.

There is often the misconception that because a "national chain" or "big box" store is larger, that they pay less for items and pass that savings along to the consumer. That is not always the case! There are so many wonderful benefits to shopping local.

1. Keep Money in the Community

When customers choose to shop at local businesses, that money stays in the community. It helps local residents keep their jobs, and it supports local business owners who have often give back to the community ten-fold. The profit from the money you spend in local shops goes to the local people working there instead of some big corporate headquarters far away. Both money and jobs stay in the community, aiding our economy.

2. Product Variety

At stores like Pets Plus, personal relationships with vendors and companies allow us to special order new products, special brands, and much more! We are here to suit the customer's needs, rather than getting generic, mass-produced options.

3. Local Character

Shopping local at small businesses helps to contribute to the local character. As more and more small towns are becoming dominated by large, national chain stores, communities are becoming less and less unique. Keeping these local businesses alive also keeps your local community interesting and special.

Local businesses aren’t just a part of our economy; they’re also a part of our family. Local stores have a certain quaintness about them that you just can’t get from a corporation. They’re personal to you and your community.

4. The Customer is Key

We know you by name. We love catering to your needs. Local businesses have the opportunity to really get to know the customer, down to your favorite dog toys or your specially-ordered cat litter. We hire experts and pet lovers that can help answer your questions and tend to your needs. You won't always get that kind of service when shopping at a big-box store.

Be a contributing member of this community and support local small businesses. Keep money local and enjoy your shopping experience from start to finish. And, as a reminder, we honor all competitors' coupons and have a 100% price guarantee.