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Doggydentals Keeps That Smile Bright

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There’s always that moment right after your loving dog slathers you with kisses and makes your heart warm with joy where you wrinkle your nose in an unpleasant afterthought along the lines of, “Wow. That is some BAD breath.” You wouldn’t deny those kisses for anything, but you also don’t have to endure that smell every time, nor should your dog have to endure that bacteria in their mouth which causes it. This is only one of the reasons why making sure your pet has clean teeth can be so important. Bacteria that forms in the mouth can lead to other health problems past simply gum disease, like heart, kidney, and liver problems. This can seem overwhelming in a world where anesthetic dental care is so expensive and often problematic for dogs. Luckily, we have the solution.

Doggydentals is a caring company helping provide anesthesia-free dental care to improve the lives of the pets we love so much. These dog dentists take special care to make sure each dog has a comfortable experience that leaves them healthier than when they entered. First, they go through a routine check, looking at the dog’s teeth and medical history to determine how they should approach the cleaning. Then, gently handling the dog, they clean each tooth thoroughly, one by one, getting rid of plaque and tartar. If the dog ever gets too uncomfortable or stressed out, they will stop the procedure because the dog’s safety is paramount. Generally though, dogs remain calm with their techniques, with smaller ones cozily wrapped in blankets.

All of this is done without anesthesia, and for good reason too. Not only is anesthesia expensive, making many owners unable to afford dental treatment for their pets, but it is much healthier for dogs to refrain from using it. While it can help calm dogs for important procedures, regular and frequent use of anesthesia can be harmful to them. Doggydentals uses simple handling techniques to make sure your dog is comfortable during the procedure so that you can keep your dog healthier at an affordable price.

Still, this isn’t a procedure that happens every day. Doggydentals recommends a visit once every six months. So how can you keep your dog’s mouth healthy in between appointments? Here at Pets Plus, we have plenty of products to complement Doggydentals’ work. These range from oral care spray and teeth-cleaning powder for sprinkling on pet food, to breath-freshening treats and chewable toothpaste for dogs. 

  • Petzlife oral care spray freshens breath with just a spritz into your dog’s mouth – no brushing required – and helps prevent the buildup of plaque, tartar, and gum disease. 
  • A scoop of EvoraPro added to your pet’s food uses probiotics to keep the bacteria in their mouth in check. 
  • If you want to give your dog something to look forward to, Greenies Dog Dental Treats, Whimzees, and Brushless Toothpaste are yummy treats that clean as your dog chews on them. 

These are just a taste of what we have to help you and your loving companion, so stop by the store to check them out! The expectation of stinky breath shouldn’t take away from the joy of your dog licking you, and dirty teeth and gums shouldn’t plague your furry friend either. For a Doggydentals appointment, come in to the store and place your $25 deposit to ensure you get a spot during their next visit.