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Feeding Your Cat Right

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Cats are regal creatures. Those that care for them love their pride, their grace, and their demand for only the best of the best when it comes to snuggles, people, and food. So it’s time to ask yourself: Am I feeding them the food that is best for them? Is this food fit for my royal cat?The biggest mistake cat owners make when it comes to choosing food is that they forget cats are carnivorous animals. Descendants of mighty lions and ferocious tigers, house cats need a diet similar to what they would’ve found in the wild. Unfortunately, that’s not what some brands are often made of. Cats need more protein and fewer carbohydrates than what most brands provide. Even grain-free foods can still contain potatoes, which carnivores don't normally eat and thus can cause allergies or lead to obesity.

That’s why the rising trend of feeding cats a raw food diet is such good news! Many pet owners are already feeding their dogs or ferrets, also carnivorous animals, raw food, and now this healthy strategy is catching up to cats. Frozen raw diets in particular, like Primal Raw Frozen Mixes or Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels, are becoming more popular. Both Primal and Stella & Chewy’s products are available here at Pets Plus, and they may just be the solution to your cat’s diet.

In addition to frozen formulas, Primal also makes Freeze-Dried Nuggets, available in seven different flavors, from venison to duck. All you need to do is add water to the food and it’s ready to eat. They also have scoop-and-serve Primal Pronto formulas, available in turkey, chicken and salmon, pork, and rabbit flavors, which thaw in minutes. The best part about all these foods is their high-quality ingredients. They may even be better than the human food you eat! Corn, wheat, soy, grain, and gluten free, the foods are made of 100% USDA edible-grade meats and certified organic produce. The organic fruits and vegetables in the mixes are there to give cats important vitamins and minerals without using any synthetic supplements, and the meat comes from vegetarian fed animals living on sustainable ranches.

Similarly, Stella & Chewy’s products are made with grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught meat and have no gluten or grains either. In fact, their food is 98% meat, organs, and bone, with a few vitamins and minerals added in. Exactly what a cat should have! Their vitamins and minerals are also from certified organic fruits and vegetables. They have both freeze-dried and frozen options as well, with flavors such as chicken, turkey, salmon and chicken, salmon and cod, duck, and rabbit. All of them are tasty, quality options.

As you can see, there’s a lot for your cat to try here at Pets Plus. Once you’ve decided to feed them healthier, high-quality food, it’s only a matter of the tastes your sweet kitty prefers. Ask our staff today about how you should change your cat’s diet for the better!