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How Gerik Got His Groove Back

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You see a lot of good deals online, but ordering off the Internet can't give you the customer service and satisfaction that shopping local can. Shopping local with the right store gives you amazing in-person service and quality assurance, and by supporting a local business, your money stays in your community. There are definitely advantages to personal service. Just ask Gerik.

Gerik’s been a Pets Plus customer since 2009, and he recently turned to us after an online purchase he made elsewhere went very wrong.

Before he knew that Pets Plus was a Marineland dealer, Gerik ordered a 300 gallon aquarium from another retailer in Orlando. It arrived and he assumed all was well, until… he opened the package a week later, set it up, and realized it had arrived cracked! Clearly, he couldn’t use this tank he’d just ordered, but the retailer said there was nothing they could do since it had been more than 24 hours.

Gerik then contacted Marineland directly to get a refund straight from the manufacturer, but he was still lacking a useable tank. After talking to Mark, our retail manager (and resident "fish guy"), he found out that Pets Plus had just what he needed. Gerik says that Mark even went out of his way to contact the shipper so they could load the tank from the shipping truck straight onto Gerik’s truck without any hassle.

What’s more? Mark then volunteered to swing by Gerik’s and help him unload the tank himself. What started out as an unlucky day for Gerik, soon became an opportunity to discover that the Pets Plus he always loved had Marineland products and customer service unlike anywhere else.

We're so glad to have helped our customers, like Gerik, through the years -- and we will never hesitate to offer you the same advantages of shopping local, supporting small business, and putting the customer experience above all else. The "PLUS" is our People - and we wouldn't be anywhere without each and every one of you.