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Small Animals

dsc00249.jpgDid you know that after dogs and cats, the ferret is the mammal that has been domesticated the longest?  Ferrets were working animals for centuries and were lending man a hand as late as the 1940s when aircraft factories used them to run cables through tight spaces down long wing sections!  There's so much to know about small animals, volumes could be written, but all you have to do is stop in and ask us about your favorites.

From ferrets to bunnies, guinea pigs to gerbils, hamsters to rats, small animals offer an incredible variety for pet enthusiasts.  We have a wide selection of small animal supplies, foods, treats, bedding, whatever your little pal needs.  We also have a staff that is well versed on the special needs of each type of small animal we carry, and can give you expert advice on habitats, health concerns, healthy snacks and more.