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QA - April 10, 2012


Q:  "I always wanted to know why some dogs have competition issues when it comes to eating their food ?" 

A:   As you know, our pet dogs have evolved from their ancestors...wolves. Wolves need to scavenge to survive. Our pet dogs don't have to worry when their next meal comes, as we their owners, will take care of that. Dogs now-a-days can take their time and eat slowly. Their ancestors didn't have this luxury. To survive in the wild, they ate fast as they didn't know when the next meal would be. Dogs had to eat fast before other animals could get wind of the available food. Wolves hunt in packs, but food is not divided equally. The pack order dictates which member eats first...as well as how much. Thousands of years of domestication has not completely "cured" the dog from this kind of eating behavior. The competition for food has been eliminated, but the behavior still may be evident. Depending on your pack order in the house, one dog may scarf as the other may nibble...and so it goes.